The Bold Type (Must see TV ;-)

See: The Bold Type 

The Bold Type (on Hulu by Freeform). Must see TV, in my book, set in one of my favorite cities. Here at Accent Grace, we’re all about acceptance and failure and challenges and mistakes and learning. How else do you grow? How else do you keep moving forward?

The Bold Type: the kind of TV that helps you not feel alone. It connects you to other people, women… especially women in their 20s still figuring it all out.

All people make mistakes, but The Bold Type helps us not feel alone in the day to day whether it’s about who to date or should you stay in your job or just going through all the feelings of a shitty day.

Accenting Grace is about kindness and accepting mistakes when others make them, but more so when you yourself make hard choices or take wrong turns. No one is perfect, but sometimes we need good soapy TV drama to remind ourselves that we are not alone in our challenges, mistakes or struggles.

In this show, we follow Jane (a writer for Scarlet (based on Cosmo) magazine) and her friends Kat (Scarlet Social Media Director) and Sutton (wannabe fashion editor). These girls are living in one of the most epic cities (New York City) and working in one of the most cut-throat industries (fashion, lifestyle and print publication). The show champions true friendship and strong female leadership (obsessed with their boss Jacqueline and definitely lifetime boss #goals) making it a must-see!

Check it out and comment with your thoughts!